Ringway RS1000E Electronic Organ

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Key Features...

  • Ringway's new unique sound technology featuring 365 high resolution voices.
  • The RS1000E keyboard action featuring the new Fatar FastTouch® TP/9S keyboard.
  • Easily capture your performance or musical idea live.
  • Intuitive voice editing on the go. Design your own sounds from the ground up, creating a unique sonic personality.
  •  A multiplicity of rhythmic choices, including 191 live rhythm styles.
  • Multi effects processor with 73 creative instrument effects, offering unprecedented freedom of experimentation.
  • Offering the player a natural connection and expressive potential through the keyboards, expression pedal, second expression pedal, joystick and assignable switches.
  • 4 assignable PAD controls open new avenues of choice for musical expression.
  • Large colour LCD display, combined with the data control located immediately next to the display allows intuitive operation.
  • Internet capable e-organ workstation with wired Ethernet connection and wireless Ethernet bridge.
  • Access to dedicated websites allowing you to download new voices, styles and music, whilst being able to upload your own material for sharing and peer reference.
  • Full connectivity to all your favourite devices and MIDI compatibility.