Ringway RS400 Electronic Organ

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Key Features...

  • Layer your sounds and use up to 7 voices at any one time, just like a conductor in a real time orchestra.
  • Orchestrate from a palette of impressive sounds and voices including beautiful strings, pianos, guitars, organs, traditional Oriental voices, cool synth sounds and many more.
  • Capture easily your performance or musical idea live.
  • Multi track record whilst you compose or play and playback instantaneously.
  • Share your arrangements and recordings with a group for practice collaboration.
  • Perfectly useable rhythm styles to play, sing or dance to in any given class or setting.
  • Create your own grooves by choosing from 100 different rhythm styles.
  • Enhance your rhythms by selecting from a range of drum kits and amazing real world sound effects.
  • A complete music hub for students and teachers.
  • Dual monitoring – teacher and student.
  • Full connectivity to all your favourite devices and MIDI compatibility.