Profile of Lisa Barbarossa

Passion and perfectionism are forces which guide and inspire Lisa Barbarossa in life and work. A driven and talented businesswoman with a flair for creative innovation, Lisa has a unique business mind gained from a distinguished background in the fields of education, the arts and information technology.

Background and Work History

Lisa’s education was a liberal arts education, which is by nature broad and diverse, rather than narrow and specialised. Lisa holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Psychology and an Advanced Certificate in Information Technology. She is a former Business Analyst professional who worked with Telstra, ANZ, IBM Global Services and the Department of Education and has 15+ combined years of experience in the communications, banking, education and technology arenas. The intellectual and methodological rigour associated with her background in psychology was useful particularly in helping her build a career on the project management side of the IT industry; where she worked and consulted with clients, business managers, industrial representatives and technical professionals who were impacted in various ways by the new technologies being introduced during the tech boom of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Career Highlights

Lisa’s adaptability, strategic thinking and love of connecting people helped to build and sustain key relationships within schools and the wider education sector and a keen appreciation of total quality management in a specialised operating environment developed from this.

Working with leading technology vendors, Lisa was instrumental in providing high level business system solutions to government and private sector organisations in partnership with a number of universities, whereby her research and problem solving skills, focus on collaborative team building and commitment to meeting client and market demands were in demand.

She worked on a number of high profile projects, including the first ever intelligent voice activated directory system at Telstra, the establishment of a national automated line testing system, the creation of a customised website hub for business banking clients and the systematic reporting for new arrivals in Victorian government schools.

Her approach to life and love of the arts was evident from an early age. Lisa danced from the age of four years, studying classical ballet and theatrical dance until she discovered the art of flamenco in her late teens, which she then pursued professionally, studying and performing both locally and in Europe. Her knowledge and performances in the arts sphere, where she was known for her uniquely lyrical choreographic style and fusion of contemporary and traditional flamenco dance, led to her establishing a performing group and a respected dance and music studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

Animated Music Australia

Lisa founded Animated Music Australia in early 2014 with a goal to establish a music products and service delivery business that focuses on the needs of education for the next generation and provides a platform for sustainable artistic and cultural exchange.

Already in its second year of business, the company has quickly grown to prominence as a unique provider of e-organs and digital instruments in the education space. Clients praise Animated Music Australia for its impeccable service, attention to detail and cultural inclusiveness, all key values which form part of Lisa’s vision for the company.

Lisa resides in Melbourne with her husband and two sons. In her spare time, Lisa indulges in writing poetry. True to her technical aptitude, she concentrates on the interplay between light and subject matter. Family and friends say that Lisa is “crazy positive” and approaches her personal life as well as her business with a can-do attitude.

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